Preparing for Uhuru in Koboko

Uganda celebrates independence on 9th october each year, the day it was set free form the British colonialists in 1962. This year, Uganda is 49 years. Just what independence might mean to different individuals, in west-nile particularly Koboko, it’s totally different. School children were out of their afternoon classes to prepare for the day’s matching. When i took my lens at the preparations, i realized independence day is perceived quite  differently from Kampala dwellers and i wonder what the day means to each individual. This is probably more than patritism in this region

Men trekking to town to participate in the Uhuru preparations
Police and prisons officers take a break after the morning drills

A child watching his colleagues as they match
A bare footed pupil of Koboko Primary School commands his brigade


4 thoughts on “Preparing for Uhuru in Koboko

  1. I love that one of the kids marching..They are always fan to photograph because they give you their whole..


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