This is compelling, especially the photography. I like those pictures, in the photography portfolio

Nina Lex

To check out more pictures from my week in Tanzania click here

Day 1
Blantyre, Dar es Salaam

Needing to escape Blantyre dull-drums I decide last minute to join Elena on her trip to Tanzania. I book my plane ticket with Air Malawi, which until the previous week had stop flying because of the fuel crisis. The next day I arrive at a very quiet Chileka Airport.  The power is out at the airport, so security pats us down and goes through our carry on luggage- no metal detectors needed.  Flipping through my wallet security counts my kwacha, around k18,000 ($100) and tells us that it’s too much money to travel with. Elena tells off security and they promptly call her my mother and wave us through.  Miraculously our Air Malawi flight takes off on time. On board the flight attendant gives us bottles of Carlsberg for our two hour…

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