Bwola in Pabbo

Pabbo, is a town in Northern Uganda located approximately 40 kilometers by road, north of Gulu; the biggest town in northern sub-region, also found in the Acholi region. It is one if the municipalities in Amuru district bordering Gulu and Southern Sudan.

During the Lord’s Resistance Army war (1986 – 2006), Pabbo housed the biggest population of the war affected people with more than 60,000. Since the end of the war in 2006, some of the Internally Displaced People have returned to their villages.

Head-geared youngsters waiting to perform


A child watches youths performing the bwola dance

For now, no longer an Internally Displaced camp, Pabbo performs the Bwola dance, a dance performed for royals and at courtship events. It is the dance that has not been forgotten, because it is part of the Acholi culture. For Pabbo, the dance is eminent to the children of the entire Acholi society. To me, this dance after 20 years of war, is to wash away the misery


One thought on “Bwola in Pabbo

  1. Man this was well captured, you have taken me through a journey and ended up in Pabo. I have heard the Bwola drums, high pitched voices, ululations and the clabashes speaking; Kwakwa – Kwakwa, Kwakwa – Kwakwa etc, seen the energetic men lovely women performing Bwola with a lot of passion the crowd cheering and waits for no one to ask them to join the dance.


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