Dancing in Uganda

Music is a source and is food for life, so the saying goes by some. But talking about impossibilities, dancing, without music is. It can be a creative dance, yes, but with a tune however provocative, which then becomes music at the end of the day.

There are a number of activities that are taking Uganda’s capital Kampala almost by storm. I mean the would be small events. For nine years, the Dance Week festival at the national theater has been in the offing; Break dance, and other contemporary frolics, and different styles from Uganda and neighboring Rwanda. A three day event this year kept Ugandans and their tourist friends aroused like crazy. Kind of interesting by some creativity that some tourist friends ended up joining the Ugandan dance forces as well. I was available and captured some of the moments

A Rwandese group performs

A young lad shows off his break dancing skills
Dancing with a gourd

Uganda Contemporary and Dance Ballet performing 'out of control"

Tabu Flo Dance company, a contemporary dance group reminiscing Uganda's past and present in "Egwanga Uganda"


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