Building Amuru

Amuru is one of the newest districts in northern Uganda out of the 111 that exist. Formerly part of Gulu district the largest town in Acholi sub-region, Amuru is one of the formerly Internally Displaced Camps (IDP’s) that sheltered persons afflicted by the Lord’s Resistance Army war that lasted for 20 years.

On a highway to the district central business district

The war which affected the entire Acholi region, hindered the socio-economic well being of the people there. Whereas it may be growing gradually, Amuru is facing a number of challenges. High rates of illiteracy, land grabbing, high ends of poverty, inadequate access to social services like health facilities, poor or no Infrastructure is just another– where people still stay in grass thatched houses, roads are bush logged.

Some of the homesteads at bay

An information center once existed, where information was accessed easily. After the war, it’s now non- existent

Land grabbing is one other where big chunks of land of the Acholi indigenous people is being owned through dubious means under the pretext of investment. Last month, a group of women undressed for Madhvani , a Ugandan business man of Indian origin in protest for grabbing their land to plant sugar cane growing. Oil mining is one activity causing controversy in this new district as well. There are mixed reactions between the investors and the owners of the land The indigenous people say they have not been properly consulted about the activity and are not sure of the dividends yet the activity is ongoing in their land.

Ever since the introduction of Universal Primary Education (UPE), this region has probably not gained at all. The quality of education is still wanting.  Many children cannot express themselves freely, not even pronounce their names in english

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