Might this be a commissioner’s house, residential bungalow or a resource center? or is it a house on sale? What’s your guess?

It’s a health center in Amuru district. Ociti (read as ochiti) is a new health centre 2 at parish level in Amuru district, Lamogi sub-county one of Uganda’s newest districts. It was constructed by the government of Uganda and has never been used for the last two years after completion.  No doctor, nurse nor single drug has been posted here.

The abandoned Ociti health center and above the would be staff quaters

Inadequate health services is just one of the outcomes of new district creation. Many women in Acholi region where this health facility is located are challenged by inadequate health services.  In Uganda, 16 women die daily while giving birth, trek long distances to get health services and many others die on the way to access the “nearest” center. Thousands of people affected by the LRA 20-year war still cannot afford adequate and appropriate health services. Some Challenges affecting the health sector especially in the rural setting like Ociti village include demotivated health workers, low salaries, unqualified personnel, drug theft and so many more.

In a recent state of the nation address to Ugandans, health workers’ input was not recognized at all.


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