Balawoli: People’s Parliament

Balawoli is a sub-county located in Kamuli district east of Uganda. Of late, it has adopted the Neighborhood Assemblies an idea it borrowed from Kisumu, Kenya. The Neighborhood Assemblies is a people’s parliament, a parliament based at the grass root level which holds its leaders like Members of Parliament, Counselors, Local Council persons accountable.  This  parliament and this district in particular was formulated to seek for proper accountability. In this district is also where the Speaker of Parliament of the Republic of Uganda Hon. Rebecca Alitwaala Kadaga hails from.

The Speaker Of Parliament of Uganda (above) and the Balawoli speaker in Robes

The first of it’s kind was first introduced in Rakai  district (about 205miles/303km) from Kamuli and south of Uganda bordering Tanzania. The latter has also been introduced in Kabale, Tororo, and Kayunga. To achieve this, the Development Network of Voluntary Indigenous Associations (DENIVA) has been on the forefront

A cross section of the plenary listening

As poor service delivery hinders the locals, the neighborhood assemblies has been established to force leaders accountable.

Balawoli speaker receiving instruments of power from the Speaker of Parliament of Uganda, at the Neighborhood Assemblies’ launch
The education minister of Balawoli parliament (L) consulting his senior

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