Bee in Motion

When was the last time you encountered with a bee ?  What was your experience like? Coming closer to it is an experience that can be unforgettable most especially if you provoked it.

A bee is an insect that stings and it’s from it that honey is got. There are a number of bee species, but they are common with a striped yellow and black body. A bee buzzes continuously as it flies. I happened to close in to a swarm of them while they were buzzing. Bees are attracted to mainly sweet or sugary foodstuff.

DSC_9349_beeEverybody likes honey. Children and adults too. It has a number of health benefits.

DSCF3010_deadAfter the bees have done their part above and below

DSCF3008_stickyjuiceDSCF3016_dropThe honey that bees produce is sticky and naturally sweet. It comes with very many benefits that you can never think of. Because it has its natural sugars, it is a substitute for sugar. It can be used for beautification, cough syrups and many others.


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