Computers for All

YeloGal‘I will not wait for Dr. Kiiza Besigye’. A two year old girl seems to be saying as she operates a computer with the help of her mother in Kagugube zone-Makerere Kampala. In the ongoing 2016 presidential campaigns, some candidates like Retired Dr. Kiiza Besigye have promised to equip all school going children with computers if elected as president, something which has left some voters wondering whether it will be viable. The other question is whether these promises will be fulfilled. Many schools and individuals across the country in Uganda do not have access to electricity. Some even complete University without knowing how to operate one. East African countries Kenya and Rwanda have already embraced ICT in schools as a strategy to access and improve education. The 2015 Universal Sustainable Development (SDG) goal number 4 calls on ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education to promote life-long learning opportunities for all.


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