Welcome Welcome Welcome! I am glad you just clicked me. Your visit and presence here is much appreciated. I am extremely grateful for your time scrolling, reading, commenting and visiting.

I am a freelance photographer based Uganda. I like and love what I am; a photography enthusiast. I am devoted towards sharing skills and experience with others to achieve goals.

The purpose of this blog is to share art, experiences, beauty and boldness of all sorts of life through photography. My preference for freelancing is freedom from confinement.  In my view, specialization breeds confinement. But i appreciate every beautiful moment that life has, its environment and the way it is. I use this medium to speak to the world about different moments in the surrounding, basically the things in our midst– the  other part of the environment we live in/with. It’s one of  the mediums of communication that speaks vastly to those one may never meet or has long forgotten. 

 I am comfortable ‘speaking with  the ‘visual gun’ in a bid to share the different moments of the environment. Life is precious before the lens. Every surrounding in the environment is photographic, part of life and therefore important.

I photograph several genres which include: experimental, commercial, humanitarian, social cultural, nature and environment, landscapes, monochrome, head shots, travel, the arts and entertainment, people and places, digital art, abstract…

My journey started with a small automated Yaschika as a commercial photographer while in school. I eventually climbed to the manually operated Minolta x300s (of the negative film wave).  Today my tools of trade now include a FUJIfinepix HS10, the Nikons (D5000, 3000).

I am passionate about photography for the smallest and big moments either for archival, urgent, immediate or general purpose.               


Images exist; things themselves are images… Images constantly act on and react to one another, produce and consume. There is no difference between images, things and movement…”  Gilles Deleuze


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Paul, Feel free to leave this comment off of your About page. I found three more copyedits to make. Two in the first paragraph. One in the second paragraph. Add an e to “Welcom,” add a space after the period in “me.Your,” then in paragraph2: change i to I in “what i am.”

    The small “i” is also on your Bio page: “today i have.”

    It’s not obvious that your first name is Paul. I kept thinking that this site was that of a woman photographer, because of the “a” at the end of Menya. I don’t remember now where I saw it, but when I saw that your name was Paul, I went, “Oh, this photographer is a guy!”

    Perhaps something like,

    Let your strong passion for taking photographs reflect in your writing. Images and words balance each other. Using the word “me” is small, not weak, but not big either. You have a grasp of “Visualising Moment to Moment,” this is really big. Understanding how flow works is really big. Be proud and share your work with your full name at the beginning of your blog.

    best regards,

    p.s. on your menu, the Twitter link doesn’t work. It works on your posts.

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    1. Menya is my surname given to first boys in my clan. It means to break (but i wont break you)
      “Sharing full name”? do you mean replacing it with MenyaFotografy?
      Otherwise, big thanks. Please kindly audit and share anything you see here


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